Chris Partise


America's RV Parks and Services is an app available on Garmin's RV navigation device to find travel information and amenities. I served as lead designer and art director on this project to highlight the application and its features.

1. Overview
I was originally tasked with branding the feature and designing the responsive landing page highlighting its features. After doing this, I wanted to push this feature further because I thought it had a lot of potential. I wanted to create a project for myself where America's was a mobile application any user could download from the app store on their phone. My goal was to reimagine America's as its own separate application and make it appealing to the RV camping demographic with applicable features. I used the research I already had when I first started designing the logo and landing page to understand what kind of demographic would use this device. Families who vacation with an RV were my original target, but then I branched out to families, couples, and singles who did not own RVs as well.

2. Understanding and Research
I didn’t know a lot of RV owners unfortunately, but I did know a fair amount of people who enjoyed camping. I set out to understand their lives more, what they looked for in camping, why they did it, what are some of their struggles of camping, and what would make camping easier for them. I created high level personas to help illustrate this research.

3. New Ideas and Wireframing
After conducting my initial research, I began to brainstorm ways to solve issues and introduce new features such as more detailed campground information (occupancy, closings, weather, etc.) and a way to document a trip along the way. I took my new ideas along with the original features from America's and I began to wireframe.

4. Visual Design
When my mockups seemed solid and I had a direction of the new experiences, I began to execute in high-fidelity. The American flag colors of red, white, and blue were used along with beautiful photography of native animals to symbolize America and the experience of traveling in the American wilderness. I also used the landing page I had previously designed as a foundation for my UI so there would be a consistent expereince from start to finish.

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