Chris Partise

journal bot

Journal Bot is a smart RSS feed/article aggregation app that learns and adapts to your RSS preferences. Our developers created the back-end services and algorithms, while I created the vision behind the customer experience and visual brand.

1. Research
Developing and designing the experience of a fully functioning application as well as executing the branding can be quite challenging. This application had to be designed, developed, and executed by a small team (3 people) remote from one another. The client of Journal Bot wanted the look, feel, and overall experience to be efficient, fun, and whimsical. Inspiration was gathered for direction as well as kicking off preliminary meetings to understand who our target users were.

2. Mapping
We mapped out all of the pages and views and used this as our frame of reference for the rest of the project.

3. Wireframes
With a finished sitemap, we began wireframing and executing flows applicable to the experience as well as creating low level interactions. In addition, small but informative user tests were done to give insight on the experience we were creating.

4. Visual Design
With finished wireframe flows and a sitemap, I was ready to start working on the visual design. I was inspired by news applications such as Feedly and Flipboard. This was where I would also apply the branding to the experience, which I had worked on in parallel. I had in depth conversations with our client and worked very close with him to make sure I was capturing his vision correctly.

After UI was finalized, the different flows were ran through another round of user testing and ADA compliance.