. C / P / Twistd'Q
Chris Partise


Twistd'Q is a brand of BBQ seasonings, rubs and sauces inspired by pitmaster style bbquing. I served as lead designer and art director on this informative ecommerce style website design communicating the brand and messaging.

1. Research
This was a very fun project to work on but the timeline unfortunately allowed for little process. Designing a 15+ page responsive website including interactions from scratch in a week’s time was exhausting, but a huge achievement for me. I worked with a talented art director who focused on overall vision and content while I focused on the UX/UI and overall execution.

The art director and I performed rapid research on pit master style BBQing (guidance from client) and its demographic along with familiarizing ourselves with the client's wants and needs from this website. Since the deadline was tight and our team was small, we had to be smart by dividing and conquering wherever we could. The art director would focus more on content and research while I began brainstorming what the output would look like.

2. Visual Design
There was very little time for mockups or professional site mapping. I was designing high-fidelity as I went and massaging the UI and flow as I circled back and forth with my art director. It started taking shape day by day, night by night. We began to think about interactions to give the site more personality and attribute to the overall brand.

Final Thoughts
This project was not ideal because of the tight deadline, but looking back it was a blast. Anyone knows in this industry at times we do not have the luxury of performing a robust process to ensure the quality we desire. My co-workers were fantastic and the client couldn’t have been more kind and understanding of the deadline.