Chris Partise


A website redesign for AJI was necessary to communicate its transition from strictly a software development agency to a full service marketing agency. I served as lead designer and art director for their website redesign with a team of talented content writers and backend developers.

1. Research
Our team gathered the data of past and current clients’ makeup to understand who we as a company appealed to, why, and what we could do to broaden our appeal. Also, we listed the services AJI already offered and what we wanted to offer in the future to help transform the company's website from looking like a software development agency into a full service digital marketing agency.

2. Audit and Prioritization
A high level audit of the current website was done to help visualize our site overall to decrease its amount of outdated or irrelevant content. Then we looked at analytics of our most viewed content which would give us an idea of what content to keep and design around. Our small team worked together to omit features, ads, sections, pages, and any other content. We then took this dialed back website and started adding on new content suited for AJI's new vision.

3. Wireframes
With an updated sitemap, I began wireframing and executing flows as well as including low level interactions. In addition, small but informative user tests were done to give insight on the experience we were creating.

4. Visual Design
With a finished sitemap and wireframe flows, I was ready to execute high-fidelity visuals and apply the updated branding that had been worked on in parallel from marketing. I had designed around our company’s existing primary colors and tone. While this was a website redesign, the brand of AJI still needed to be recognizable from before.